Empowering Women
Empowering Women
18 Jun, 2019

“ Just like moons and like suns,

With the certainty of tides,

Just like hopes springing high,

Still I’ll rise.”

-          Maya Angelo


The independence women have had in economic life across all sectors since the beginning has been quiet disappointing. Gender norms in our country as well as across the globe have so tightly , and ignorantly bound us into arguably strong sense of patriarchy. A woman is expected to reproduce and bring up children while managing household chores side by side, while men are the taught be the sole bread earners of the family.


This notion has thankfully been challenged since the first wave of feminism, and the movement to empower women and make society give them the equal rights they deserve, has now gained absolute momentum. Women are fighting for equality in all fields of life; be it social, political, or economic.


In India, a woman is considered equivalent to a goddess. This goddess signifies beauty, courage , wisdom and strength, all at once. Why then does the society , put a leash on the freedom the women of our country they so rightfully deserve? Do they think we are not capable enough? Do they not realize that the beauty, strength and courage that we so subtly yet powerfully contain is capable of so much more than just learning how to make perfectly round rotis?


At Pleasinstrides , we do our bit to harness the wonderful capabilities of women in the rural and semi-urban setups. Through our endeavours , we provide them with skill-training so they can pursue their dream of being financially independent and give them a true sense of being empowered. Our goal is to rain and empower women to grow and prosper.

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